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Dr. Nick West - Coromandel Valley Veterinary Clinic at 382 Main Road in Coromandel Valley, SA

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382 Main Road,
Coromandel Valley, SA
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Phone: +61 8 8370 3500


Types: Veterinary care

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Today: 08:30 am — 06:30 pm

08:30 am — 06:30 pm
08:30 am — 06:30 pm
08:30 am — 06:30 pm
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    My family had been taking our animals to this vet my whole life, up until the day my cat was bitten by a brown snake. If anyone doesn't know- when a cat is bitten it can take up to 12 hrs to actually show symptoms. The vet did no tests at all and just said to watch him that night, to look out for any signs of paralysis. Unfortunately at 3am he went limp, we rushed him to the Anzac hwy all hour vets, who saved his life. They informed us it would take a simple blood test, and that he should have been left at the vets over night. Because he was treated later and he had 2 bites it cost us $6000 to save our cat! Our family have never gone back since but we didn't say anything. Last night our cousins dog was falling in and out of consciousness, had an irregular heart beat and was in a lot of pain (dogs symptoms show almost immediately unlike cats). Their dog was taken to Coro vets, they said it could have been a bee sting, gave them antihistamines and sent them of their way. They COULD have and SHOULD have taken a blood test and shown a little more care. Unfortunately his symptoms worsened and they thought they had lost him, he was taken to a different vets where they diagnosed him properly and treated him. I think it's disgusting the lack of time and care that our animals were shown when taken there. We've just entered snake season and I (knowing almost nothing about animals) knew enough to know his symptoms were similar to that of a snake bite. Maybe it was pure laziness because it was a Friday and you wanted to knock off early but I think it's awful how little care and compassion you have shown towards our animals. Our entire family (who were regulars for years) will never go there ever again.
    Katherine Catcheside
    December 14, 2017
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